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Reopening Plans | Latest COVID-19 Knightsbridge Dentist Update

These last weeks have been rather busy, but we can finally update you with some clear information.

The 8th of June is the day when we were able to start preparing for reopening. We have a long list of tasks to go through that we are currently working very hard on, including, but not limited to: make sure we have all the appropriate PPE (and this is not as easy to get as they say) and be fit tested for FFP3 masks, all our procedures and policies in place, we have had all the training necessary and many other points on the checklist.

The day we can pick up the drill has still not been announced but should be near. The final information regarding the appropriate policies, procedures and PPE is in process and we have to continuously update everything we have already created.

The 8th of June was too soon to be able to get everything in order. We are working hard to make your visit to our practice a safe and enjoyable one and there are few more things we need to align in order to ensure safety and compliance. We are however looking at opening in the week of the 29th of June with a decent range of treatments offered whatever stage we will be in (and we really hope we will all be allowed to offer non-emergency treatments by then). We will of course still be available as we have been throughout this period.

We will soon start contacting those in treatment and in need to make appointments. Of course, those of you that also need to arrange check up appointment or have had a problem but have not contacted us during the lock down, please email us on info@knightsbridge-dentist.co.uk or call us on 020 7235 6556 and we will help you.

Although we worry that by the 29th of June there may still be some restrictions on the treatments that we can offer, we will try to deal with the situation as it develops.

Please stay safe and hopefully see you very soon!


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