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Dental Treatments in London SW3

Please have a browse through our website at the dental treatments we provide. We do offer a full range of care and take pride in being able to offer you all that you require under one roof.


With visiting specialists and a well qualified and experienced team you can be sure you will receive care that is right for you and your situation. We spend time to get to know you and understand your dental requirements, so we can be confident we can deliver dental treatments to enhance your dental health that, with proper follow up care, will last.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

From simple tooth whitening to replacement of missing teeth with cosmetic ceramic crowns, we can provide all you require to make you enjoy smiling again and be proud of your teeth. Do not be dismayed, even the most unsightly teeth can be improved with our modern techniques.


Understanding your dental concerns is the first step in planning personalised treatments for you. We will take the time to discuss your choices so you can be part of the decision making process. You will want to know about the various treatments available to you and the costs and time scales involved, we can provide all this and deliver a solution to wow!

General Dentistry

At Knightsbridge Dentist we believe in offering you the very best of treatments from a team of experienced and well qualified dental professionals. We will spend time listening to you to understand your dental problems and concerns and together we will deliver solutions that are personal to you.


Whatever you require, from dental assessments and preventive care through to cosmetic treatments, teeth straightening and whitening, from replacement of missing teeth with dental implants dental bridges, veneers and crowns, we can provide all your dental care.

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Advanced Dentistry

If you have complex dental problems that require a multi specialist assessment and planning, then our team of well qualified and experience dental professionals can help. We are fortunate to be able to offer you advanced care under one roof and as professionals we discuss and assess you dental problems as a team.


A team approach ensures you get the most up to date opinions and treatments and are offered choices that will work for you and your situation. Advanced treatments may include dental implants, dental bridges, crowns, veneers, tooth straightening or tooth coloured fillings. Whatever is required, you can access it at Knightsbridge Dentist.


If you are wanting to improve the appearance of your teeth we will discuss the various elements available to you. One of these is teeth straightening or orthodontic care. Modern orthodontics can involve just moving one or two teeth or maybe moving more. Generally we concentrate on moving just the “smiling” front six teeth and so treatments can be as short as a few months with almost invisible braces that don’t impact too much on your life.


Sometimes more complex orthodontics is required or the more traditional type that requires biting back teeth to be moved. These treatments take longer than the cosmetic treatments but we can still utilise the cosmetic style braces for these treatments.

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