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Dental Implants are permanent fixed solutions to replace missing teeth. They are considered to be the closest feeling and performing to your own natural teeth. For dental implants to be successful they need to be placed into healthy supporting bone and then maintained well at home between dental appointments.


Dental implants can be used to support a single tooth, similar to a crown or used to support a bridge when several teeth are missing. They can also be used to replace all your teeth by using bridges supported by four to six implants placed in one dental arch. Dental implants can also help stabilise a loose denture by giving the denture something fixed to attach to.

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Dental Implants

We are fortunate to have dentists with great experience with placing dental implants and they will work together and collaborate to produce a treatment plan which will lead to successfully placed dental restorations with dental implants. From single implant retained crowns to multiple implants to support a full mouth bridge or denture, whatever you need we can provide.


If your bone is not plentiful enough we can even enhance the bone or lift your bone level if required around your air sinuses. The important factor is in thorough assessment and planning of your treatment and our well qualified and experienced team will take the time to do this with care with you.


We are also able to place your dental implants using intra-venous sedation if you are concerned you may feel the surgery a little daunting. Having dental implants is often less traumatic than a dental extraction but this option can still be attractive to our patients.


Once your dental implants have been placed there will be a period of time to allow your bone to integrate and grow into the implant, we call this osseo-integration, and it usually take 3-4 months. After this tim the implant can be restored to it’s final restoration whether that be crown, bridge or full denture.

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