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Endodontic Care in Knightsbridge

When a tooth has deep decay or is broken right into the centre or pulp of the tooth there are only two options for treatment. One is extraction and the other is root canal treatment or endodontics. At Knightsbridge Dentist we will do everything we can to save your tooth.


To determine if it is possible to root treat your tooth we will need to assess the root canal structure of the tooth and assess how far along any infection may be. This will be determined by a clinical examination and X-rays. Endodontics can have a good outcome, better than it ever used to be because of the advances made in the equipment we use to root treat your teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment

Successful root canal treatment depends on cleansing the interior structure of the tooth and removing all bacteria and then placing a complete seal to ensure bacteria can not ingress again. You tooth will be cleansed with a series of files and disinfected and then sealed with a suitable material. This may take more than one appointment and could take several. We will be able to give you an indication of the number of appointments you may require.


Once the tooth is clean and free of any debris, infection and is shaped it will be sealed and then restored to it’s former shape for good function and aesthetics. This usually involves crowning the root treated teeth as these teeth can prove to be weak without a crown and susceptible to fracture.


Because of advances in equipment and materials used in endodontic treatment, we have better outcomes now for this treatment and it is a comfortable procedure carried out with local anaesthetic.

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