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Dental Sedation in Knightsbridge

Having dental treatment can be a daunting thought and we are aware that very many patients are anxious about visits to see us. Some, however, have a greater fear and maybe even have a dental phobia.


For patients with such anxiety it is useful for them to have their treatment under sedation. Sedation is safe and easy to administer in the practice and allows you to receive your care without worry or concern.

dental sedation sw3 knightsbridge

Sedation for Dental Care

Sedation involves a sedative medicine being given by a small line into the back of your hand or in your arm. The medicine allows you to feel relaxed and co-operative but it does not put you to sleep like a general anaesthetic. This means that Intra-venous Sedation is a very safe procedure and can be used by most people even with more complex medical histories.


The sedative medicine also has an amnesic quality so you will not remember the procedure or even the length of time the procedure took.


If you are embarking on quite a complex treatment, perhaps multiple dental implants or surgery, then we can also administer sedation. You may not have the level of anxiety associated with dental phobia but you are still concerned about the time spent perhaps in the dental chair.


We will discuss all the elements of sedation with you before hand and you will need to be accompanied to the practice for your treatment and taken home again. The sedative medicine can take a while to be eliminated completely from your system so we recommend that you do not drive or operate machinery for the following 48 hrs following your treatment.

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