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Gum Disease Prevention in London SW1

Most adults will face an element of gum disease or periodontal disease during their life and it is the biggest reason for losing teeth. As we get older and if our health changes it can have more prevalence too. Gum disease can be prevented by regular visits to our dental hygienist and following her maintenance protocol between visits.


If you find you have a more advanced gum disease then we can offer more advanced care that is planned with our team of dentists, dental hygienist and specialist periodontist.

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Your Periodontal Gum Care

If you have a more advanced gum disease with “pockets” in your gums these will need some periodontal care. We need to cleanse these pockets thoroughly to eliminate the harmful bacteria which are responsible for attacking your supporting tissues and bone leading to loss of bone and ultimately loss of your tooth.


First we will cleanse the pockets and smooth the surfaces of your roots to allow healing of the gum to close up the pockets. Sometimes we need to lift the gum away from the root surface to cleanse these pockets and root surfaces and this is called periodontal surgery. This is all carried out comfortably in the practice.


You will then be given a plan to maintain your gums and shown how to look after them to ensure the gum heals to close the pocket. We know that factors relating to our health can adversely affect our gums and sometimes there can be a genetic predisposition to gum disease. The good news is that there is lots we can do about it, a proactive approach is essential and then regular preventive and maintenance appointments with your dental hygienists are essential.

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