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Cosmetic Dentistry in Knightsbridge SW1

Improvements in the way your teeth look can have a big impact on self confidence and general well being. Sometimes all that is required is a small adjustment to one or two teeth or perhaps a straightforward tooth whitening treatment. Perhaps more may need to be done in the way of crowns, bridges, veneers or even replacing missing teeth with dental implants.


Whatever is required to make improvements to the appearance of your teeth you can be sure that the dental team at Knightsbridge Dentist know what can be achieved. Their experience and expertise in this field ensure you will have a well thought out and considered plan that will deliver a smile to delight.

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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening carried out by your dental professional in the dental practice will give you a safe, reliable and predictable whitening improvement. We use methods that have scientific back-up using hydrogen peroxide in safe concentrations that whiten your teeth without damaging or drying them out.


Used as a stand alone treatment or as part of a larger treatment plan, tooth whitening gives great long lasting results. Many patients have a whitening treatment at the completion of a tooth straightening treatment and we will use tooth whitening when making changes to crowns and veneers at the front of your mouth.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Very fine layers of composite or porcelain are placed on the front surface of usually front teeth to improve both shape and colour. Being very thin they need very little in the way of preparation of the underlying teeth, in fact we do place veneers without any preparation at all  sometimes.


Veneers are required when discolourations are present that can not be changed with whitening or perhaps heavy fillings or damage has resulted in losing the shape of teeth. We work very closely with our skilled dental technician who will construct porcelain veneers in the laboratory.

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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

With the advent of tooth coloured small brackets and tooth coloured wires as well as clear aligners, Cosmetic Tooth Straightening treatments have seen a surge in popularity. No longer do we have to prepare these teeth for crowns and veneers to improve their appearance, we can now move them into a more aligned position in a much shorter period of time than conventional orthodontics.


Add in a tooth whitening treatment at the completion and your teeth can be well aligned, white with minimal intervention thereby maximising lifespan of teeth and avoid a lifetime of remakes.

Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

When embarking on major changes with smile makeovers it is important to have a full understanding of your likes, dislikes and concerns as well as an understanding of your dental and medical health. Our experienced team will spend time with you to know exactly what you are looking for and to investigate exactly what can be achieved.


You will be included every step of the way and involved in your treatment planning process so you can be certain and confident with the plan in place for you. We will also discuss time scales and costs with you. Sometimes such changes can take time so if you have a particular function you have in mind to attend then we will also take all that into consideration.

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