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Clear Brace Orthodontics In Knightsbridge

Have you always wanted straighter teeth but couldn’t face unsightly metal brackets and years of orthodontic treatment? Or perhaps you had orthodontic treatment as a child and your teeth have since moved? Now is the time to think again and reconsider these treatments as lots has changed in this field.


With the advent of new Cosmetic Tooth Straightening treatments we are now able to improve the alignment of your teeth using almost invisible braces and clear aligners in treatment times as short as a few months. These treatments mean we can improve the aesthetics of your teeth by moving them into a more aligned position without the need to remove any tooth tissue. In the past to achieve these results almost certainly meant Veneers or Crowns.

Cfast Tooth Straightening

Cfast uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured wires to apply gentle pressures to the teeth that result in their alignment with minimal discomfort.


Cfast is a fast, effective and affordable treatment when adults are seeking to correct their smiles. Cfast takes less time than conventional orthodontics because it focuses only on the “social six”, the front teeth that most influence the smile.We are not trying to achieve change in the way the posterior teeth meet and so treatments can progress very quickly.


Treatment times are typically from five to nine months with the average being six months. At the end of this treatment time it is very common for patients to have tooth whitening treatment along with some contouring to the anterior teeth just to perfect the smile.

Cfast Smile TRU

Cfast Smile TRU uses a series of clear tooth positioners to gently push teeth into a better position to improve their alignment. By only focusing on the teeth at the front of your smile, the teeth you see when you smile, we can move teeth using these gentle forces and move them into a better position quickly without fuss.


When simple movements are needed to place teeth in a better position to improve their appearance then the Cfast Smile TRU system can be considered. Rather than preparing teeth for crowns or veneers to improve aesthetics why not improve your smile by moving teeth into a better position. This is Minimally Invasive Dentistry and gives great long lasting results that are healthy for you and your teeth.

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