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Repairing Your Teeth in Knightsbridge

At Knightsbridge Dentist we believe in offering you the very best of treatments from a team of experienced and well qualified dental professionals. We will spend time listening to you to understand your dental problems and concerns and together we will deliver solutions that are personal to you.


Whatever treatments you require, from dental assessments and preventive care through to cosmetic treatments, teeth straightening and whitening, from replacement of missing teeth with dental implants dental bridges, veneers and crowns, we can provide all your care. We can even provide Facial Rejuvenation treatments to help freshen up your skin.

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Composite Restorations

With great advanced in dental material technology, composite or tooth coloured filling materials, have improved in appearance, durability and performance. When placed by our experienced dentists a composite restoration can last for years with the appropriate home care maintenance in place.


These materials can be used to restore teeth that in the past would have had to have a crown placed because of the lack of tooth remaining. Now, though, the superior quality ensures they can be used in many more situations to give a strong, aesthetic, fully functioning restoration.

E.max® Dental Crowns

When a tooth is heavily broken down or has a very large unsightly filling, a crown may be required to improve function, aesthetics and restore the tooth to it’s natural state.


Crowns are constructed by our very experienced and skilled dental technicians in the laboratory following preparation in the practice by our dentists. They will prepare the tooth and then send an impression of the preparation to the dental technician for careful crafting.

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Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be replaced by dental bridges which are permanent replacements that do not require removal. There are several types of dental bridge and which one is utilised depends on many factors.


A fixed bridge is used when teeth either side of the space have already been crowned or heavily repaired/restored. A Maryland or “sticky” bridge is used as a more conservative form of Minimally Invasive Dentistry when teeth either side of the space have not been restored previously.


Each type of bridge has it’s merits and it is important to fully assess the supporting structures first and then once the bridge is inserted we will show you how to maintain it.

Endodontic Treatments

When a tooth has decayed deeply or perhaps has fractured, there is a chance the nerve or blood supply of the tooth is exposed and involved. If that is the case the tooth either required extraction or root canal treatment (endodontics).


If it is possible to save your tooth then root canal treatment will be the care of choice. We gain access to the inside of your tooth in a pain free manner using local anaesthetic and then cleans out the internal canal structure. We want to ensure all the harmful bacteria are removed so infection can not recur so once cleansed your tooth will be sealed.


Following successful root canal treatment it is usual to restore the tooth with a crown to help strengthen your tooth.

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