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Composite Dental Restorations in London SW1

With great advanced in dental material technology, composite or tooth coloured filling materials, have improved in appearance, durability and performance. When placed by our experienced dentists a composite restoration can last for years with the appropriate home care maintenance in place.


These materials can be used to restore teeth that in the past would have had to have a crown placed because of the lack of tooth left. Now, though, the superior quality ensures they can be used in many more situations.

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Tooth Coloured Restorations

We have been using the tooth coloured, composite materials for many years now and have preferred then to the old fashion mercury amalgam that some practices still use. Whereas with amalgam we had to prepare teeth, and destroy quite a lot of tooth, to shape a tooth to accept an amalgam filling, we do not have to do this with composite.


Composite is essentially ceramic in a resin and importantly this resin bonds with the dentine and enamel in the tooth structure. This allows the composite filling material to add strength to the tooth and we can shape it and so restore a tooth to it’s natural form and function. This is a good example of Minimal Intervention Dentistry or M.I.D.  We now understand that the more tooth tissue we retain the healthier for you this is.


These type of fillings are placed by your dentist and finished chairside in the practice to give instant results with super strength and excellent aesthetics. They do have limitations and if a crown is required instead your dentist will discuss this with you in detail.


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