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Dental Bridges in Knightsbridge, Chelsea & Kensington

There are several types of bridges depending on the structure and support available adjacent to the space available. A bridge is a permanent way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth by constructing a laboratory made restoration out of ceramic or a combination of ceramic and precious metal.


The result is a life like “false” tooth that remains in place and is supported by the teeth adjacent to the space.

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Your Dental Bridge

When teeth are missing they can be replaced using a dental bridge of which there are several types. A fixed bridge can be used when teeth either side of the space may have already been heavily restored or be crowned. The teeth either side of the gap are prepared as they would be for crowns and then an impression is sent to our dental technicians. The technician then constructs a structure that cements to these teeth as one but looks like individual teeth. These bridges are usually made from ceramic fused to a precious metal but can also be gold and all ceramic.


A Maryland bridge is a much more conservative style of bridge, a form of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, MID, and allows us to conserve as much of the tooth tissue as possible on the supporting tooth. This bridge is “glued” to the back of the tooth and replaces the missing tooth in a very simple manner. These bridges are more suitable in younger patients and when there has been no intervention to the teeth either side of the space.


All bridges require maintenance to keep the gums healthy and as such you will be advised to see our dental hygienist regularly for optimal gum and dental health.

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