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Dental Crowns in Knightsbridge, Chelsea & Kensington

When a tooth is heavily broken down or has a very large unsightly filling, a crown may be required to improve function, aesthetics and restore the tooth to its natural state.


Crowns are constructed by our very experienced and skilled dental technicians in the laboratory following preparation in the practice by our dentists. They will prepare the tooth and then send an impression of the preparation the dental technician for crafting.

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Types of Dental Crowns

With the improvement in dental materials we can often restore a tooth with the tooth coloured composite materials and retain as much tooth tissue as possible.


Sometimes, however, it i just not practical to restore directly in the practice and we need to construct a crown.


Our dental technicians construct these in the dental laboratory to perfect form and function.


There are different types of crown and your dentist will discuss which material they think will be most suitable for your tooth. Our most popular crown is the IPS e.max® crown and this combines great aesthetics with great strength to be able to be used in most situations.


Other crowns can be made in gold or precious metals fused to porcelain but all crowns require a degree of preparation in the practice, to allow a good finishing edge and line and allow the right thickness of crown material. Your crown will be constructed by our very skilled technicians and then cemented into place at another appointment once completed.

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