Caring For Your Dental Health in Knightsbridge

At Knightsbridge Dentist we believe in offering you the very best of treatments from a team of experienced and well qualified dental professionals. We will spend time listening to you to understand your dental problems and concerns and together we will deliver solutions that are personal to you.


Whatever you require, from dental assessments and preventive care through to cosmetic treatments, teeth straightening and whitening, from replacement of missing teeth with dental implants dental bridges, veneers and crowns, we can provide all your care. We can even provide Facial Rejuvenation treatments to help freshen up your skin.

Oral Health Checks-ups

An Oral Health Check is so much more than just checking your teeth. first we will ask lots of questions to ascertain your concerns and problems, we will also ask about your medical history as dental and medical health are very much inter-related.



We may also have to take X-rays or photographs and these help aid us in a diagnosis. We then fully discuss our findings with you so you understand the areas that are requiring attention and what the solutions are. Generally there will be choices for different treatments and this will be discussed with you. You may not make your decision there and then and may require further time to discuss this.


We want you to be involved in your choices and understand your treatments so we very much encourage you to discuss this further if you need to.

Dental Hygiene

We all know that generally prevention is better than cure and a large part of Dental Hygiene care is towards prevention of dental disease.


Delivered by our Dental Hygienist, Bina, Periodontal or Gum care is the cornerstone of good strong healthy teeth. Without healthy gums no amount of work on teeth will be successful so it is vitally important we address this first.

Childrens Dental Care

All children are welcome for their dental care at Knightsbridge Dentist. If we can prevent dental disease then we have a real chance of helping your children into adulthood without having much in the way of interceptive dentistry.


We can help prevent decay with good advice and good preventive treatments. We will follow their development as their adult teeth develop and offer orthodontic or teeth straightening treatments if these are required.

Periodontal Care

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease or periodontal disease you will need some periodontal care. This may be delivered by your Dental Hygienist, Bina, or your dentist Valentina, or our Specialist Dr Stephen Smith, depending on the type of care required.


You can be assured, though, that we can offer all these treatments here at Knightsbridge Dentist along with all the follow up care you may require.

New patients welcome at Valentina Daskalovic, Knightsbridge Dentist, Sloane Street…