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Children’s Dentistry in Knightsbridge, Chelsea & Kensington

Children are very welcome at Knightsbridge Dentist. Dr Valentina Daskalovic has children of her own and knows some of the problems you may be facing to encourage good dental habits for your children.


Valentina understands the importance of these early visits to the dentist to build a basis for great dental health for the future for your children. With a lovely, relaxed manner she can help guide your children into adulthood decay and gum disease free.

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Care for your Children

Prevention of dental disease cannot start too early. When you are expecting your child it is a good time to not only ensure your own dental health is in tip top condition but start to get the right advice to ensure great dental health for your children.


We like to see children even before their teeth erupt so we can help you with the correct diet and dental advice and certainly once teeth start to erupt we would encourage you to visit with them on a regular basis.


We can give the correct preventive advice and apply preventive treatments when necessary such as fluoride gels or fissure sealants to teeth. As your child grows and develops we will monitor the development of their teeth as they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth erupt into place. If necessary we will intercept with teeth straightening treatments when the time is right.


Our aim is to  allow a great experience for your children so they develop into adulthood free of dental disease with optimal dental health.


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