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Health Assessments

An Oral Health Assessment is so much more than just checking your teeth. first we will ask lots of questions to ascertain your concerns and problems, we will also ask about your medical history as dental and medical health are very much inter-related.


We will spend time to understand your dental problems and concerns. The dental team will deliver  treatment personalised to your requirements with the ultimate outcome of delivering great dental health care.

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Oral Health Check

During a full inspection we will examine not only your teeth but all the supporting tissues, gums, bone and your jaw and joints. Most adults lose teeth as a consequence to gum disease so a full gum assessment is carried out.


We are also concerned that we notice any early signs of mouth cancer and perform a full examination of all the soft tissues. We know that early diagnosis of any mouth cancer can very much improve treatment outcomes in this area.


We may also have to take X-rays or photographs and these help aid us in a diagnosis. We then fully discuss our findings with you so you understand the areas that are requiring attention and what the solutions are.


Generally there will be choices for different treatments and this will be discussed with you. You may not make your decision there and then and may require further time to discuss this. We want you to be involved in your choices and understand your treatments so we very much encourage you to discuss this further if you need to.

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