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We all know that generally prevention is better than cure and a large basis of Dental Hygiene care is towards prevention of dental disease.


Delivered by our Dental Hygienist, Periodontal or Gum care is the cornerstone of good strong healthy teeth. Without healthy gums no amount of work on teeth will be successful so it is vitally important we address this first.

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Our Dental Hygienist, Bina, will assess you gums and the degree of inflammation in them. She will ask you about your own personal home maintenance methods so she can deliver a personalised plan for you.


You may have gum treatments ranging from polishing to deep cleaning into the gums and you will be shown how to clean your teeth and gums yourself at home, including a suitable inter dental cleansing method.


Without a good home maintenance programme that you understand, you will not be able to improve your gum health so we will take time to ensure you have a suitable plan that is easily and effectively carried out. We will not overcomplicate this, just help you deliver the dental health you would prefer.


We may also discuss diet with you if we are concerned you have a high decay level and we may even apply some preventive treatments such as Fluoride or therapeutic anti-bacterial gels.


At the end of your hygiene visit you will feel fresh and ready to maintain a great level of gum health.

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