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Invisalign Orthodontics in London

The original tooth straightening system using almost invisible clear aligners to gently align teeth and perfect your smile. Using the latest advancements in technology the Invislign ClinCheck system allows you to visualise how your teeth will look at the end of treatment. The computer will plan your series of aligners to make the change and they are constructed in the Invisalign laboratory.


Aligners are now changed every week so treatment times are quicker than ever. The aligners are worn for 20-22 hours a day and apply gently forces to your teeth to align as planned. Because forces are gentle this is a very comfortable brace and really doesn’t interfere with your life, infact, most people will be unaware that you are having an orthodontic treatment.


At the end of the tooth straightening component Valentina will make minor contouring changes, if required, and will whiten your teeth. This is all included in our Invisalign price.

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How Invisalign® Full Works

Invisalign works by applying gentle forces to certain teeth at various times depending on the position we are trying to achieve. The aligners are constructed by computer aided design to achieve the optimal alignment for your teeth. They are changed weekly and each aligner progressively moves your teeth until they have reached the desired position for your perfect smile.


Aligners are fitted to the upper and lower teeth and we will see you regularly to check your progress. You can also view your progress on the Invisalign ClinCheck system as it allows you to visualise your teeth before, after and during your treatment, this is a great motivator.

Enquire About Invisalign®

If you would like to see how Invisalign® can change your smile in as little as 6 months, why not contact us and book a consultation.


Most adults are suitable for this treatment and with a teeth whitening treatment it can really transform your smile quickly and discreetly.


Get in touch today to book your consultation for Invisalign® teeth straightening.

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    The original Invisalign treatment using the clear aligner system that has straightened 6 million smiles already.


    Invisalign Teen for the teenager who wants invisible braces and to be able to still continue with hobbies and sports.


    Mild crowding or spacing can be treated with up to 7 aligners using i7 with treatment completions in less than three months.


    Again a shorter treatment length for mild crowding and spacing, usually taking around 6 months to complete treatments.


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