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Life Beyond Lockdown | Virtual Coffee Morning Update

Is anybody else feeling confused out there? Are we going to work? Are we not? Can we sunbathe, or not? Are we taking the public transport? Are kids going back to school? If so, which kid will be the lucky one?

I was speaking to friends over the past week and there was certainly one thing that was on the mind of many of them. There is a lot of focus on children/students missing vital time from their education. Thousands of students are missing life changing exams. People are concerned about students falling behind because of this. Maybe they are right… but what if they are wrong? Just hear me out.

What if in the years to come we find out that instead of “falling behind” this generation of kids actually has “advanced” because of this? What if they have developed more empathy and deepened their family connections, they may become more creative or learn to enjoy the smaller insignificant things in life? Or perhaps they may learn to cook, help around the house, do their laundry or manage their money better to make it stretch further? If we are lucky, maybe the next great leader will emerge from this generation who has had the benefit of pressing the pause button to appreciate the slower pace and what really matters.

What if they lift their head up and see that the sun is actually shinning and the colours around them are actually magnificent and it’s time to look around them and hear the wonderful sounds from the nature and… just breathe.

Undoubtedly the lockdown will have many different effects on everybody but let’s draw the most positive ones to take with us.

During our Virtual Coffee Morning last week we talked about life after the lockdown and the efficacy of the tests and viability of the vaccine. Still much more to be discussed on that subject and a lot to learn for many of us.

Do join me again this Thursday 14th of May at 11.00 o’clock.

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