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The Toothbrush Palaver!


Why does it feel like such a hassle with the good old toothbrush?

The supermarkets shelves are filled with all sorts of fancy toothbrushes. Some singing and dancing in awe of attention especially for the children. Even certain colours and shapes appeals to the eyes, be it a manual or an electric toothbrush.

What happened to the good old days? Where a toothbrush had a single purpose of cleaning teeth? It clearly wasn’t a big deal as it did not matter if brushes were hard, soft or medium textured, well things have changed and improved over time. We now have a problem with choice as there is a significant range of oral health products on the market. However, not all of these products are suitable for you.

Do you perhaps feel your dental visits are slowly turning into a broken record whenever the fateful brush is mentioned?

You may even feel disheartened if you’ve invested in some expensive toothbrushes or other oral hygiene products and still unable to achieve the results you want.

As ridiculous as this may sound, your tooth brushing technique is a skill learnt and then becomes a sub conscious routine. Some might say it becomes a work of art over time. Well, if you become an expert at it.

The question now is who taught you this technique?

The classic response tends to be:

  • I brush logically, aka I know how to do it.
  • Well, I learnt from my parents from childhood.


This is true for majority of us.

This also doesn’t change the fact that what feels or seems right to us isn’t necessarily the right way.

A dental professional is trained to know all surfaces of a tooth. Therefore, they are in a better position to guide you through your tooth brushing technique in other to improve your oral health.

No matter your lifestyle or dexterity, your technique can be modified to suit your needs and achieve good results. Besides, one size doesn’t always fit all. However, your commitment and compliance is essential to master the art of cleaning your teeth properly.


So, we have established the fact that we need to be guided in the tooth brushing department and the two types of toothbrush (manual i.e. normal hand toothbrush and electric toothbrush such as Oral B Braun)

The next question is: are both used in the same way? Is one superior to the other?

Electric and manual toothbrushes should not be used in the same way because they require different techniques.

Let’s think about this logically, would you drive an automatic car in the same manner as a manual car? Of course not, because they operate differently. This shows the importance of being taught how to use different brushes correctly.

At Knightsbridge Dentist we spend time with you to achieve a personalised prevention programme so you can be confident with the products that we recommend for you and know exactly how to use them.


For more information on Dental Hygiene and Oral Hygiene Instruction please contact the practice on 0207 235 6556.

Hilda Akpenyi
Oral Health Educator
Knightsbridge Dentist


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